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UBQ's Mail strives for simplicity. To start with, it is only a client program. You don't need a new server: you've already got it. It's the same e-mail server that you're already using. (Have you ever heard the expression "zero admin"?)
Then, whenever you use it, you'll be familiar with most of its features and with a design that's closely related to your e-mail program (which you can go on using if you want to). UBQ's Mail takes over the accurate distribution of messages received from the mail server. Your usual e-mails go to your usual e-mail program. Group-working messages go to UBQ's Mail. It's that easy.

Imagine you're in a meeting. And in this meeting there's a blackboard that everybody writes on. When the meeting ends, everything that's been discussed is on the blackboard (although it's not always comprehensible, of course!). What we've done is digitise the blackboard, give each user an identical copy of it, and call it uContext. To put it simply, if we all share the same virtual workspace, we will all be working within a single information context. Also, the tools in UBQ's Mail allow each user to comment, add files or other content wherever they want, thus generating a contextual information environment. UBQ's Mail allows you to retain and reproduce the exact context that you're working in.


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UBQ's Mail for Outlook (English)


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